Radha and Krishna on swingExamples and advice on repairing, growing and improving relationships.

Here is a little wisdom about relationships that resonates with us.

  • Free yourself from negativity.
    Sounds so easy but it requires practice to see the positive all the time. To create our own positive emotions.
  • Let go of those who are already gone.
    They are part of the past and all we have is now. The past exists in our memory. Loved ones can still be loved in the heart. But let them go from your attachment.
  • Give people you don’t know a fair chance.
    Deep down we are all spiritual beings. We just covered temporarily by illusion. So give everyone a chance and learn to forgive minor offenses straight away.
  • Show everyone kindness and respect.
    We all appreciate and respond to kindness and respect. So if we give these to everyone we will see it coming back to us – what goes around…
  • Accept people just the way they are.
    Acceptance is an important element in spiritual life. We are all different and all the same. At the same time. So learn to relish the differences we share in common.
  • Encourage others and cheer for them.
    Because we are tiny we need encouragement and support. All of us benefit from cheering on – including those giving the encouragement.
  • Be your imperfectly perfect self.
    You are you. There is no other you. You have your place, your role in the creation. You have a unique personal relationship with the Original Personality of Godhead. It belongs to you. Be yourself and enjoy it.
  • Forgive people, circumstances and situations – and move forward.
    Forgiveness is actually the backbone of the universe. Forgiveness frees us from carrying emotional burdens. It allows us to be ourselves and leaves any issues to be resolved by the universe on our behalf. We are not the controllers of the universe so we empower ourselves by practicing humility and forgiveness.
  • Do little acts of kindness everyday for others.
    Random acts of kindness give us a doorway into deepening our compassion and our loving experience of life. We can ask ourselves; ‘How can I please the Lord of my heart?’ in any situation and guidance will come.
  • Always be loyal.
    Be loyal to your partner, your loved ones, your teachers – but above all be loyal to yourself. And that can take a while to understand – exactly what is being loyal to myself?
  • Stay in touch with the people who matter to you.
    It’s easy to drift apart but nowadays most of us are online or at least on the phone. Keeping in touch helps ourĀ  mental and emotional health. And also spreads the love around.
  • Keep your promises and tell the truth.
    Be where you said you’d be. Keep your promises and you’ll be known to be trustworthy. Honesty is always the best principle and often keeps you safest.
  • Give what you want to receive – love.
    All of us want love and the easiest way to get it is by giving it to others. When loves is given the natural response is to return it. And if its not returned then no-loss because it will come back another way.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.
    True eloquence is truth spoken concisely. So keep it simple and say what you mean. Nice and straightforward.
  • Allow others to make their own decisions.
    No one likes being told what to do. Allow your loved ones and friends the psychological and emotional space to make their own minds up about their lives. Unsolicited advice is usually ignored.
  • Talk a little less and listen more.
    Two ears, two eyes and one mouth. We listen to others by hearing the words, their tone of voice and by observing their body-language. The more we ‘listen’ fully, the more we can understand. Understanding between people leads to connection.
  • Leave petty arguments alone.
    Life really is too short to get into petty, bickering arguments. It leads nowhere and pollutes the atmosphere around those arguing. And who cares about that stuff anyway?
  • Pay attention to your relationship with yourself.
    You have to put yourself as number 1 and look after your relationship with yourself. How are you? How are you feeling? Do you need a break? A change? Be kind to yourself.
  • Notice who your real friends are.
    Most of us actually only have a few real friends. Maybe even only one or two. True friends being those we confide our hearts and minds to, who we give and receive gifts and sometimes together share food. Often our friends become the people we work with simply because of having so many shared experiences over the course of time.
  • Ignore un-constructive or hurtful commentary.
    There will always be someone ready to put a downer on things. Best learn to ignore them (respectfully) and their comments.

Relationships can be challenging but the rewards for keeping going are deep and long lasting.

Wishing you the very best in your relationships.

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