EFT is literally; ’emotional freedom techniques’. EFT combines a collection of techniques together to promote deep healing from emotional trauma.

What is EFT?

Use EFT to reach deep inside.Emotional freedom techniques (EFTs) are powerful, practical healing and stress reducing tools that are easy to learn and apply.

EFT puts you in touch with memories and emotions by tapping meridians and asking questions.

Tapping meridian points in the body and focusing on specific issues and memories enables the user to reconnect very deeply with the underlying emotion created by the situation and thus begin to heal.

What can EFT be used for?

Once you’ve got the hang of using EFT you can heal specific issues, memories, thoughts, emotions and negative behaviours and experiences.

What about matrix re-imprinting and EFT?

Matrix re-imprinting with EFT is the perfect tool to change damaging core beliefs

Popular thought amongst therapists is EFT tunes us in and helps us release emotion.

But to fully heal and move on we need to change core beliefs that are formed normally before the age of six or seven.

At Matrix & Beyond we use EFT to get us into the sub-conscious matrix where damaging core beliefs can be addressed and full and deep healing can be achieved.

Tapping Points >

Learn the various meridian tapping points used in EFT and matrix re-imprinting.

Conditions Treated >

Many health issues can be treated including physical, emotional and psychological conditions.



Movie sequence process example i.e. ‘came home late as child and got reprimanded by parents’ – break into scenes – take off the intensity – use EFT to bring in all the senses – bring person to point of readiness to re-write and move forward.


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