EFT for all

EFT and Matrix re-imprinting work for all the family, young or old

Some of the most popular frequently asked questions of us here at Matrix and Beyond.

What is difference between this and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)?

The main difference from the point of view of Matrix and Beyond is that NLP is used to manipulate someone whereas emotional freedom techniques and matrix re-imprinting aim to help the individual heal from trauma.

Does EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting hurt?

No, not at all. The tapping is gentle and simply enables you to access deeper emotional memories.

How long does it take to work?

The simple answer is it depends. But you can expect it to begin working on most people very quickly, often during the first treatment.

Can I be treated over the phone or Skype?

I do offer treatments and support via Skype and over the phone although if you are in the location, I’d also love to meet you in person.



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