How to balance chakras

There are chakras – ‘energy centers’ – all over our bodies. Learning how to balance these chakras is important to help our health and well-being.

The primary chakras are the seven central ones. They sit in the very center of our body and ideally are ‘clear’ and balanced.

There are several ways to help achieve this balance.

Chakra Healing

Some of us need to have a healer work on our chakras to re-establish balance. Healers use crystals, touch, intention and mantras.

Hatha Yoga

Regular practitioners of yoga automatically get their chakras alinged and balanced. The yoga stances are ancient and give the practitioners the results even if they don’t really understand why or how.

Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Qong

These popular ancient practices are powerful ways to tune the energy within the body. Although they refer to ‘dan tien’ energy centres rather than chakras.

Chakra Meditation

It is possible to balance the chakras through guided meditation. This can take a variety of forms.

Once the technique is learned you can do it yourself when you feel the need.

Colour Flower Chakra Meditation

Here’s a  beautiful 10 minute meditation to help balance your inner energy levels. Relax and give it a try.

Soothingminds Colour or Color Flower Chakra Meditation by Frances Harris of Soothingminds.

Description of Chakras

Beautiful description of the chakras

Beautiful description of the chakras by

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