Love is everything

It is said that God is love and love is everything.

Sometimes we get an insight into this eternal truth and see that each of us is related as spiritual friends, brothers, sisters. Related with each other and with God.

Bhagavad-gita tells us that each one of us is part of God and yet we are also individual with our own character and personality.

loving family

The family is where most find love, but actually the love is all around, inside us and outside of us.

It is said that our true purpose in life lies in discovering our original, spiritual identity and learning to live in that consciousness.

Spiritual life is active because the nature of the soul is to be always active.

Because the souls (us) are small they are said to be easily influenced. Most of us can testify to this in our own experience. We are certainly easily distracted if nothing else.

Love is the fundamental principle behind existence itself.

So if God is love and love is everything and we are also part of it all, then we are also love – personalities of love.

We exist to share love, to exchange love, to give love and to receive it.

Everyday we can remind ourselves with positive, heart-warming affirmations like;

‘I keep love, respect, gratitude,
forgiveness and peace,
deep in my heart
and I offer it to God
and to all souls.’

Let your love shine like the sun

Let your love shine like the sun.

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