The way out is inward

How can the way out possibly be inward?

Here’s a short story to illustrate this apparent contradiction…

The doorway.

doorwayA man lived his whole life in one room.

He ate there, slept there, worked there and sometimes played there. But he was not satisfied. Not completely. Not fully.

Sometimes he’d try to open the door of the room to see what it was like outside. But he could never get the door open. It was locked shut, wouldn’t move.

After many years living in the room the man became very sick. There was no sign of recovery, his death was near.

Just one last time he tried to open the door. And for some reason he tried to open it towards him, rather than away as he’d been trying for all his life.

Lo and behold, the door swung open inwardly. He looked through the doorway and saw a whole other reality he’d never seen before. Or at least he didn’t remember it.

He stepped through the inward opening doorway and began to explore the universe he found there.

Gradually, his health returned and he began to regularly open the door.

And eventually he moved permanently out of his room, into his chosen life that was waiting for him all along.


We are just like the man in the room. We live our lives without opening the inner door and exploring the universe that exists within our own heart.

Sages, yogis, saints, mystics and meditators have understood this truth since the beginning of time.

All traditions agree that there is an unlimited spiritual realm within each of our hearts.

So the simple truth is; each of us has the opportunity to open our inner door to our heart. To the realm in the heart where the soul resides.

It is said in the Upanishads that actually two souls exist in this region together. They are described as the ‘soul’ and the ‘Supersoul’. They are the best of friends and are like two birds sitting on the branch of  a tree (the tree being the body).

Learn to open up your own inner world and see where your journey takes you.

Best of luck in your own journey.

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