What do we know

We know more than we think.

Modern science tells us that there appears to be much more going on in our universe than we can see or observe. The big bang theory is old hat, replaced by string theory and vibration theory.

The ancient Sanskrit Vedas also tell us that there is much more going on than we can perceive on the ‘gross’ platform of consciousness.

They teach that beyond the ‘veil of illusion’ is a transcendental loving reality of eternity, knowledge and bliss.

tree-lake-reflectionThe Vedas compare the material universe to an upside down tree. The roots are at the top and the leaves at the bottom.

All life, the planets, species and everything are on the inverted tree.

The tree is described as being a reflection of the actual tree which is the eternal spiritual world.

We see this in nature when a tree is beside a lake. The real tree stands tall on the shore and the reflection is of an upside down tree on the surface of the lake.

The point being that the material world, the inverted tree, has no permanence and no real depth – it is a reflection of the true reality.

Quantum theory – that multiple universes exist simultaneously, is taken straight from the descriptions of the creation in the Vedas.

This, along with all the other evidence and insight, gives much credence to the idea of there being far more depth to reality than we are presently conscious.

There are various ways to elevate or change our consciousness.

It starts with our diet. We are what we eat so we need to look at our diet and make some choices if we want our consciousness to change.

Another great way to change consciousness is through healing and meditation. Here’s a simple mediation technique anyone can do.

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