Seasonal feelings of spring

spring fieldLike it or not our feelings tend to be influenced by the seasons. Now it’s spring in the UK and the whole place comes to life, leaving the dark winter behind.

Spring is the time when nature abounds and new growth happens as if by magical arrangement. As the temperature rises, the days grow longer giving the perfect conditions for growth.

Flowers appear all over the place, especially yellow buttercups and dandelions. These bright yellow flowers correspond with the colour of our solar-plexus or middle chakra. So when we see all the yellow and take in the view, we pull that energy into us.

The trees and shrubs all become covered in green leaves of varying shades.

The colour green is the same as that of the heart chakra. Looking at lush green fields, gardens, trees and woodland fills our hearts with natural energy.

Clear blue skies filled with warm sunshine feed our energetic needs. Giving us cleansing and Vitamin D from the sunshine, and giving us energy in our throat chakra from the blue of the sky.

Many animals and birds seek to mate and produce offspring at this time. The birds sing their heads off communicating with their flock and loved ones.

The whole spring vibe is powerful and can have a strong influence on us.

As we learn and practice self-awareness we can observe seasonal triggers that drive our behaviour.

If we had strong experiences of upheaval during the spring as children then suddenly we can find our hay-fever coming on strong. Or if we were left alone for long periods we can find ourselves experiencing the same emotional state when we’re adults.

Of course for most the spring is a time of energy and positivity. The perfect time to focus on cleaning the heart and home and preparing for the summer.

If you find yourself influenced by seasonal changes you’re more than welcome to drop us a line and tell us about your experience.

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