Simple meditation technique

Learn to meditate & let your soul shine

Learn to meditate & let your soul shine

Meditation is fundamental to your inner journey towards peace, contentment and enlightenment.

Here’s a simple. easy-to-learn meditation technique to help you as you begin to enter your own inner world of knowledge, bliss and understanding.

Basic meditation on the breath

Find a quiet space to meditate where you wont be disturbed for a few minutes. 5 or 10 minutes is enough to start with.

Sit upright, either cross legged on a cushion or on a chair.

Put your hands in your lap or resting on your legs so there is no weight in the arms. You can touch your middle or index finger to your thumbs if you like.


Imagine your feet and legs are firmly rooted to the earth beneath you. You are heavy from the hips down.

Imagine your top half is lightweight and supported by a golden thread coming from the top of your head.


Keep your head upright, gaze straight ahead with eyes open or shut.

Put your tongue gently behind your teeth or touching the roof of your mouth.

Sitting as still as you can begin to focus onto your breathing. Hear it as it passes through your nostrils. Gently in and out.

Imagine your breath going right down deep into your belly; energising, cleansing and refreshing you as it oxygenates your blood.

Just be an observer of your breath, allow it to come and go naturally.

Let go of your worries and concerns. As your mind drifts bring it back to focusing onto your breath.


Allow your focus to come into your heart space.

This is where you are, a pure spiritual being. Allow yourself to be in that space. This is your inner space where no-one else can touch you.

Just remain as an observer. This is about you. Sometimes there may be a message or insight for you. Sometimes just a few moments of peace.

Keep listening to your breath.

When you’re ready gently rub your palms together and place them over your eyes. Open your fingers and allow your eyes to see as if for the first time.

As you finish your meditation give thanks to the universe and your guides for bringing you to this point.

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