It goes way back


Some of our memories are very early in life.

Sometimes the work we do takes us to very early memories of infancy.

Babies are such vulnerable beings.

Everything is being heard and noted by the subconscious from very early in the mother’s womb. Long before birth into the world.

Using EFT and Matrix re-imprinting we can access and re-write memories that are causing unhealthy or undesirable consequences in our present day lives.

There are accounts of people actually regressing to past lives but that is not something we get into here.

Healing takes place on the inside


Healing is something that happens inside of us.

The healing and re-imprinting process is all about doing the inner, emotional work to clear the past echoes and ‘re-imprint’ them with much more pleasing and desired outcomes.

This is all achieved through positively working through issues and memories and then taking the time, usually with support, to re-imprint the subconscious mind with mutually satisfactory memories instead.

If you’d like to find out more about how Matrix and Beyond can help you with your healing please contact us.

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